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The main topic of my research is morphological, lexical and syntactic development of infants and young children. During the project surface cues (like frequency or prosody) of the input, which can support early language development, will be studied together with the nature of early morphological and syntactic representations. I studied children with Specific Language Impairment in Hungary before the PredictAble project and I would like to continue this line of research during this project as well. Therefore, beyond studying typical development, my aim is to find atypical patterns of processing which can contribute to atypical language development. With assessing children with different mother tongues, cross-linguistic aspects of the question will be addressed as well. My research focuses mainly on Hungarian which is an agglutinative language with rich morphology and results will be compared to data on Finnish which shares several properties with Hungarian as well as to French, German and Spanish data which differ from Hungarian in many aspects. Behavioral tests and eye-tracking will be used for studying these topics, furthermore EEG and NIRS paradigms will also be developed to be able to assess the neurological background of the processes.


Prof. Dr. Judith Gervain (University Paris Descartes, France)

Ágnes Melinda Kovács (Central European University, Hungary)