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Jessica Gemignani

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I graduated with a MSc in Biomedical Engineering from University of Pisa in 2014, developing my master thesis in the Extreme Center of Institute of Clinical Physiology (CNR), a research group made of engineers, physicists, biologists, medical doctors and psychologists. Here, experiments are conducted aimed at studying especially mechanisms of learning and consolidation of memories in different conditions; my contribution was the development of an algorithm for the detection and the analysis of sleep spindles, and to evaluate their involvement in the process of retention of memory. Here I understood that this is exactly what I am passionate of, which is programming and specializing in signal processing to extract meaningful results from neuroscience data. Then, I joined for 1 year the Advanced Concepts Team, a research group of European Space Agency. Here, in the framework of a collaboration with Oxford University and in particular the Sleep, Brain and Behaviour research group headed by prof. Vladyslav Vyazovskiy, I especially investigated the effects of physical exercise on neuronal connectivity.

As an ESR in the Predictable project I hope I will contribute in the development of the tools needed for establishing new knowledge in the field of language development; I truly believe that technology and computation techniques are the best allies for the progress of neuroscientific research.



Dr. Christoph Schmitz (NIRx GmbH, Berlin, Germany)

Prof. Benjamin Blankertz (Technische Universität Berlin, Germany)

Prof. Dr. Isabell Wartenburger (University of Potsdam, Germany)