Lilla Zakariás

Lilla Zakariás

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My main interest is how non-linguistic cognitive functions (e.g., working memory and executive functions) are related to our ability to comprehend and produce language. I graduated in speech and language pathology and therapy for children with learning difficulties (BA), and in cognitive science (MA) in Hungary. I have extensive clinical experience with acquired language and speech disorders following stroke and accompanying other neurocognitive disorders. Occasionally I worked with children with developmental language disorders, such as specific language impairment, as well as with children with dyslexia. In this project I am going to collect and adapt clinical tests of developmental language disorders that can be used across the different languages in PredictAble, and adapt experimental tests for infants with NIRS technique. Among others, I am interested in the effects of non-linguistic cognitive training on language in aphasia, evidence-based aphasia therapy, and adapting aphasia tests into Hungarian.


Prof. Dr. Isabell Wartenburger (University of Potsdam, Germany)

Dr. Christoph Schmitz (NIRx GmbH, Berlin, Germany)