Project 12

Development of experimental tools and materials valid for cross-linguistic research and for cross-linguistic diagnostic assessments; development of experimental designs for NIRS-studies in very young children (WP3)

ESR 12: Lilla Zakariás


Prof. Dr. Isabell Wartenburger (University of Potsdam, Germany)
Dr. Christoph Schmitz (NIRx GmbH, Berlin, Germany)

Lilla Zakariás will collect, test, and adapt language assessments that can be used across the different languages in PredictAble in cooperation with all partners. After completion of the language assessment tool, he/she will develop, test, and adapt experimental designs which can be used in very young children with the NIRS technology. This will be done in cooperation between UP, NIRx and UPD and in close collaboration with ESR 2,3, and 14.

A set of language assessment procedures will be delivered that test comparable competencies and performances across the different languages with (a) differential standardized instruments or (b) adapted instruments that can be used by all partners. The handy and flexible NIRS analysis tool developed by Maria Clemencia Ortiz Barajas (ESR 14) will be adapted to the experimental designs developed by Lilla Zakariás.