Project 14

Implementation of signal processing tools for single-subject analysis of EEG-Data (WP3)

ESR 14: Maria Clemencia Ortiz Barajas


Prof. Dr. Judith Gervain (University Paris Descartes, France)
Prof. Paavo Leppänen (University of Jyväskylä, Finland)

The general objective of ESR 14 is to develop experimental designs and data analysis tools allowing the reliable identification of markers for the prognosis of language delay at the single participant level. This is a particularly challenging task with young infants who typically provide noisy EEG data due to movement and other artifacts. As a first step, experimental paradigms will be designed that can achieve high quality data (signal-to-noise ratio) in individual participants, and enables co-recording with eye-tracking and NIRS. This will require the development of experiments with different event-related designs, and repeated testing to allow for test-retest reliability assessment. In terms of analysis, relative novel methods requiring high-density EEG recordings will be employed in addition to traditional ERPs, such as source localization, time-frequency analysis etc.

We expect to identify EEG signatures of potential language delay using experimental designs and analysis tools that provide reliable results at the single participant level.