Project 5

Comparison of fluency in speech and reading in children at risk for dyslexia (WP1)

ESR 5: Stefanos Tserkezis


Dr. Aude Noiray (University of Potsdam, Germany)
Prof. Dr. Ken Pugh (Haskins Laboratories, USA)

ESR 5 will investigate reading versus spoken language fluency during early developmental phases of reading in English and German learning children with and without risk for dyslexia (i.e., pre-literate and early literate preschool age children, first and 2nd grades). The project will employ neurocognitive measurements (such as ERPs/f, EEG/MEG) combined with speech production measurements (such as ultrasound imaging, video tracking and acoustic recordings) to provide a comprehensive description of the neurolinguistic mechanisms involved in speaking versus reading in the first years of language development.

We expect to find in early spoken language (specifically in coarticulation mechanisms) predictors of future reading disability.